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Beef Cuts

A nationwide, mail order service is available for our products. You can now order directly through the website, but if you would like to call us to place your order or to discuss any special requirements, please call us on 01558 822566, or email us on

Prime Welsh Beef
Welsh Beef, cig Welsh Beef
Topside 12.30 per kg
  Rump Steak18.96 per kg
Silverside 12.30 per kg
Sirloin Steak27.26 per kg
Ribs of Beef15.50 per kg
Fillet Steak42.50 per kg
Minced Beef 8.25 per kg
Chuck Steak 9.30 per kg
Diced Beef9.30 per kg

UK Delivery is 6.95 for orders below 50, 14.95 for orders between 50 and 130 in value, for orders of 130 or above delivery is free!

Dewi Roberts with tray of prime welsh beef Our beef is sourced from local farms and are from grass fed, native breed cattle, not from continental large breed cattle. We prefer these slower maturing cattle that impart more flavour. We're glad to leave the more commercial stock to supermarkets.

Our beef is matured for up to twenty one days to ensure its eating quality. This can only be achieved with beef that has a healthy layer of fat. The farms that supply us are all family run, the farmer knows his stock and the rich pasture in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire produces the best.

We do not use commercially bred beef as this is not what we are looking for in the finished product. The cattle spend the maximum amount of time outside, until the winter when they move under cover where they are fed fodder harvested from the farm in the summer, a complete cycle. We can provide you with any special requirements for a special meal.

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