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Lamb Packs

Salt Marsh Lamb - in season, June to December

The Lamb Packs we sell are sourced from local suppliers, farms that have supplied our business for many years. The supply chain is very direct from farm to shop to you.

Our Large Welsh Lamb Pack consists of:
Welsh Lamb Large Welsh Lamb Pack click for larger image
2 x Legs of Lamb at minimum 2.2kg each
Note the legs can be supplied whole or cut into two joints to suit your requirements
    1 x Shoulder of Lamb at minimum 1.3kg
5 x 4 Lamb Chops 2 x 500g diced Lamb
Price: 130 including free delivery to any address in the UK
Quantity required:
To discuss your order, or for any queries: call us on 01558 822566, or email us on

Our Small Welsh Lamb Pack consists of:
Welsh Lamb
1kg Leg of Lamb

    1kg Lamb Chops

    1kg Diced Lamb

Price: 50 plus 6.95 delivery to any address in the UK
Quantity required:
To discuss your order, or for any queries: call us on 01558 822566, or email us on

Our Welsh lamb is sourced from local markets, the closest is only 500m away from our shop! The farthest is only 40 miles away. We insist on high welfare standards for the sake of the animal and the end product, all must be treated with the utmost respect.

Dewi Roberts, Family Butcher - Lamb pack Our Large Lamb pack consists of 2 legs of lamb (picture shows a whole leg, top left, or a leg cut into two joints, top right), a shoulder of lamb, 20 lamb chops and 1kg of diced lamb.
Our Spring lambs graze the lush Towy valley as grass is plentiful on the lower pastures.

In early June we begin to source our famous Salt Marsh lamb, our supply farms extend from the Dovey estuary in the North-West, down to the Gower peninsular in South Wales. These lambs graze the salt marshes, land given up by the high tides bearing rich grazing of saline-resistant grasses including samphire, the wild asparagus of the estuaries.

To answer the most common question 'No, its not salty' but it is seriously flavoursome to eat.

Later in the year (late December) we begin to use the lambs that are now coming down from the higher pastures on the hills that surround us. The mature hoggets in February and March impart a darker meat with a unique flavour, not as strong as mutton, but a close contender.

We can cater for all your culinary requirements where lamb is concerned, for any special advice you're only a phone call away from your real local butcher 01558 822566, or email

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